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Show Great Customer Service to Your Plumbing Customers-Before Disaster Strikes

by Neighborly on April 17, 2017

MRR Capture.jpgPlumbing customers usually don't need a plumber until disaster strikes.  In that moment, plumbing professionals have an opportunity to shine for their customers by saving the day and delivering great customer service.  How then, does a plumber give outstanding customer service when there isn't an urgent plumbing catastrophe to be solved? 

What if you, as a plumbing professional, had the resources to show customers you care about their homes--before a plumbing emergency happens?  At Mr. Rooter, an entire Youtube channel exists with tips for everyday, routine DIY solutions that give solid advice to homeowners.  Take this video, for example.  Isn't it possible that viewers who appreciate these types of tips will be more likely to call Mr. Rooter for a major plumbing repair or installation when the time comes?

The support and resources given to Mr. Rooter franchisees is second to none, with creative solutions from operations, marketing, technology and more.  Is your plumbing business growing at the rate you always hoped it would?  If not, consider talking with a franchise developer to see what ideas they may have for you.

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