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Mr. Handyman Home Improvement Ideas this Post-Tax Season

by Neighborly on April 13, 2017

Trulia cover for MRH.jpgA major perk to owning a franchise is being a part of a nationally recognized brand. What's better? Knowing your franchisor will work just as hard as you do, keeping the brand relevant and in the eyes of customers.  See how Mr. Handyman President, J.B. Sassano is keeping the Mr. Handyman brand in the spotlight with an interview for Trulia.com.

Mr. Handyman President, J.B. Sassano, did just that this month when he talked to reporter, Michelle Hainer at Trulia.com.  J.B. shared advice on home improvement projects to be tackled with tax refund checks -- no matter the size of the return! Just one more way the Mr. Handyman home office supports its franchisee family.  Check out J.B.'s tips on Trulia!

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