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8 Things Successful People Do Every Day

by Neighborly on March 20, 2019


We all know at least one of those people who seem to have it all together. You know the type – accomplished at work, happy at home, professional in appearance, and has a car without fast food wrappers all over the floor. While we admire them – and perhaps even envy them – we are also puzzled by them. How do they manage it all? What are some things successful people do to stand out from the crowd? Although success comes from many unique traits and paths, there are several habits that effective people have in common. By incorporating these habits – things that successful people do every day – into your own daily routine, you may find yourself having a little more luck with your endeavors.

8 Notable Things Successful People Do

  1. Successful people tackle the biggest tasks or goals first thing in the morning. In a remarkable University of Texas graduation speech, Admiral William H. McRaven shared, “If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.” The idea behind this simple statement is that starting your day by accomplishing even a small task sets the tone for the rest of the day. Successful people take this concept a step further. They know that finishing a big, possibly overwhelming task will give them a rush of accomplishment, powering them through the rest of their day. On the other hand, putting a big job off in order to handle a dozen nonessential tasks only invites distraction and anxiety.
  2. High achievers take excellent care of themselves. They know that time invested in self-care is time well spent. They strive to get enough sleep and eat regular, healthful meals. They take breaks to re-energize their minds and bodies. Stepping away from the job for a few minutes – whether it’s to take a short walk or simply sit back and relax – ultimately leads to better focus and productivity.
  3. Successful people nurture meaningful relationships in every segment of their lives. They value people and genuinely seek to connect with others – at home, at work and within their communities. They convey warmth, compassion and authenticity in both their words and their actions, drawing people to their sides and cultivating the support they need to move ahead.
  4. Successful people go beyond “to-do” lists. They use their calendars to keep track of important events and tasks. Planning ahead and scheduling important tasks are just two of many organizational things successful people do to manage their time and headspace more effectively.
  5. High achievers value more than just their careers, and they commit to lifelong learning. They understand that taking time to pursue hobbies or learn new things challenges the mind and body and broadens perspectives. Engaging in a variety of pursuits enhances creativity and problem-solving ability, increasing the odds of success.
  6. Those who are most successful have no problem delegating tasks or seeking help when needed. They know that leadership and teamwork go together, and that by enlisting the help of others with unique skills and perspectives, they will accomplish far more than they would alone.
  7. Successful people are willing to accept responsibility for both positive and negative results. They acknowledge mistakes and avoid blaming others or making excuses when things go awry. They hold themselves accountable and see setbacks as learning opportunities rather than failures.
  8. Successful people value themselves enough to take risks, dream big and pursue passions. They realize that life is full of twists and turns, and that sometimes an uncharted path may lead to gold. When an opportunity presents itself, successful people jump in with both feet, excitedly embracing the challenge.

What About You?

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