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5 Creative Ways Your Company Can Celebrate Earth Day

by Neighborly on April 21, 2017

earth 2.jpgEarth Day (this weekend!) comes only once a year on April 22nd.  

Most companies skip over Earth Day, but you could use this educational day to make your office more efficient and eco-friendly, which may be good for your bottom line.

Here are 5 Ways to Get Green for Earth Day.

The first Earth Day began in 1970, and today it is a recognized day of encouraging others to think in an eco-friendly manner.

So, if you find yourself stuck on ideas for getting the entire office to participate in Earth Day, here are a few creative jumpstarts you can try out.

1. Plant a Company Tree

Plant a tree in front of your business as part of your Earth Day recognition. If you do not have space or do not own the land, plant a tree or donate one to a local Earth Day project.New Call-to-action

2. Conserve Water in the Company

Do your part to save water. This might include changing faucets to have slower flows, upgrading toilets to limit water waste, and encouraging employees to bring reusable water bottles so you can stop ordering professional water deliveries.

3. Make a Company Pledge

Go to A Billion Acts of Green and make your business’s official green pledge. You can do everything from switching to paperless billing for clients to recycling in the office. You can also donate a plant or tree through the site.

4. Buy Green Products

Start purchasing recycled boxes and paper for your office. Promote green living by using eco-friendly cleaners and compostable materials. Also, reduce waste in the office by encouraging people to recycle.

5. Establish a Green Team

For Earth Day, create a green team in your office. This could be a team of one or 20, with a sole purpose of finding ways to reduce your company’s impact on the environment. This does not have to be a full-time position. Instead, it could be a team that meets monthly for an hour to come up with ideas. They will be the company’s official green crew with goal of reducing waste, improving energy efficiency, and promoting an eco-friendly work environment.

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