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4 Vacation Spots Conducive to Business Opportunity

by Neighborly on August 11, 2017

beach lance-asper-188744.jpgIf you could have a business anywhere in the world, where would it be? Entrepreneurs on summer getaways may find themselves sizing up their vacation destinations for new business opportunities.

Whether you are seeking a perfect location to set up shop for the first time, or are looking for a business opportunity to fuel your retirement in a place you'd like to, well -- retire. Destination locations aren't only for vacations.  They may be prime real estate for business building.

Photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash

Most tourists explore their vacation spots for souvenirs, but business opportunities abound in these locales, too. Consider the trips that four entrepreneurs have taken. They might just be prime places for a new franchise.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada. Even for someone who doesn’t gamble, Las Vegas has much more to explore. Business is booming on the boulevard where Michael Mercer owns a condo on the 41st floor of a city high-rise.

He is an industrial psychologist and test creator who conducts pre-employment screenings for businesses. He enjoys “non-stop opportunities” that Las Vegas has to offer. 

“On most vacations, you need a wake-up call, but in Las Vegas you need a go-to-bed call,” says Mercer. “I can do many things that I wouldn’t take the time to do near my house in the Midwest.”   With a population that has been on a continuous rise since 1990, it remains ripe with consumers and a landing ground for new opportunity.

2.  Birmingham, Alabama. Randy Cohen says his five-day family vacation to visit his son in college wasn’t as relaxing as previous trips to sun-splashed resorts. Still, Cohen, says a change of scenery helps him unwind. “We had been sight-seeing there before, so this time, we went to a local rally and science day march.  I could see having my business in Birmingham.”

Cohen owns a residential real estate appraisal company. He admits he has thought about moving away from New Jersey and keeping his business intact. Similar to franchisees who have specific territories, Cohen says federal guidelines don’t change.

“There’s just a small learning curve to understand new neighborhoods, areas and laws,” says Cohen.

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3. Boston. Running races is a metaphor that recruiting CEO Ardith Rademacher likens to her business. “As a Boston Marathon finisher, every visit reminds me that I can achieve goals I haven’t even imagined yet. That powerful inspiration sends me racing home and towards my next opportunity,” she says.

The San Antonio resident and her husband stay at the Omni Parker House, the longest continuously operating hotel in the United States. Boston has “fantastic layers of history, beautiful parks and waterfronts,” says Rademacher.

Among the independent bookstores, yoga studios and outdoor seafood cafes, are franchise businesses that meet the needs of residents, tourists and proprietors. “Boston allows me to completely unwind while inspiring me with its prolific past and present to be more productive and make the most of every moment,” Rademacher says.

4. Ochos Rios, Jamaica. Time slows at the Jamaica Inn, says Stephen Moegling, partner at Franklin Street, a marketing and branding consultancy in Virginia. “It’s a small resort built in the 1940s and retains the elegance and class of the time period,” Moegling says.

He notes that past guests include Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe and Richard Branson. Celebrities and non-celebrities alike depend on painters, plumbers, maid service and landscapers to service homes and commercial properties. Moegling says he unplugged from his “normally wired life” and spent time talking with a staffer who has worked at the inn for 50 years. 

“I reflect on my blessings and contemplate the future I want for myself.”  

If you could have a business anywhere in the world, where would it be?  Dwyer Group is home to 11 brands in North America, and even more overseas. Wouldn't it be amazing to start a new business journey in the location you've always dreamed of?  Inquire below to see what territories are available.

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