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4 Books About Franchising to Add to Your Reading List

by April Scarlett on June 17, 2015

Thinking about buying a franchise? This summer, spend time researching the industry and learning about getting started in franchising. There are many books available about franchising that will provide you with tips and advice about buying a franchise. These books can help you navigate the process of selecting the right franchise business if you’re in the market and for those already in franchising these books can provide information on operating and growing a successful franchise.

Check out some of these reads to add to your summer book list!

1. Street Smart Franchising

This book provides a great overview of the franchising process. Experienced franchisees and franchisors share with readers everything they need to know before buying a franchise. The book shares true stories that illustrate both the benefits and drawbacks of franchising. The author also reveals specific personality types that are most likely to succeed at franchising, as well as, which ones are more likely to experience difficulty. It also discusses a six-step franchise investigation process, designed to ease the process of choosing a franchise.

2. 12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities for 2015

This book also shares detailed, step-by-step instructions on making a good buying decision and covers many questions readers may have about the franchising process. It reveals the stories of 12 successful franchises, and can also help readers decide if franchising is right for them and which type of franchise best suits them.

3. The Educated Franchisee

This book presents a practical guide for selecting a franchise. It conveys information about the franchising process, as well as steps on how to do it best. The book also shares keys to success in owning a franchise.

4. Become a Franchise Owner!

This book acts as a guide to researching, selecting, buying and operating a successful franchise. It offers valuable tips on finding information about franchises and franchising opportunities, as well as information about current industry trends. Readers can also evaluate themselves to find out if franchising is right for them and how to choose a franchise.

Researching is an important step in the franchise-buying process. Learning about the business of franchising and deciding if it is right for you takes time and effort. If you are considering purchasing a franchise, spend some quality time reading these books to get started.